Nicholas Nagrodski owner of MR LabsIn early 2015, Nicholas L. Nagrodski teamed up with Maximilian Rottmann and MR Labs to provide the impeccable level of construction that is associated with the VERA preamplifier line. Building on twelve years of experience constructing high-fidelity audio electronics; Nicholas’ skills in electrical and mechanical assembly allowed Maxamilion to focus on refining the already unmatched performance and phenomenal electrical topology that the MR LABS brand embodies.

When circumstance forced Maximilian to retire from his position as head of MR Labs, the direction to pass the torch was clear. In May 2016 Nicholas Nagrodski became sole owner and chief electrical designer for MR Labs’ current and future products. Nicholas L. Nagrodski and MR Labs plan to build on the exceptional quality of the VERA preamplifier line and expand it to include a full line of high-fidelity audio electronic products.

Nicholas L. Nagrodski possesses a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computational Computer Science from Northern Illinois University. He has been designing and building high-end audio amplifiers for over a decade, since he was sixteen years old.

Maximilian Rottman Founder of MR LabsMR Labs, LLC was founded in 2010 by Maximilian Rottmann. Max, a Swiss National and graduate of the Swiss Technical University (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland has resided in Florida for about 17 years. As an electronic engineer, he has had a lifelong passion for listening to music reproduced with the highest possible quality and his personal record collection comprises more than 5000 albums.

The VERA line of Phono Preamplifiers was created as a natural extension of his passion for listening to music and his tireless pursuit of finding the perfect phono stage: one that is absolutely neutral, as noiseless as possible, and affordable. After more than four years of development and testing, Max – and the small team gradually forming around him – designed and built a novel circuit topology that met the above-mentioned goals. The end-result was the MR LABS VERA 10 MC Phono Preamplifier.

Looking to further develop the topology in the VERA 10, improvements and refinements to the same basic circuit – with the addition of higher quality components in critical places and the addition of a super-stable dual-mono power supply – has produced MR LABS' current top-of-the-line VERA 20 MC Phono Preamplifier.

MR LABS is committed to satisfying their customers in every respect including discussing potential adaptations to match individual customers' existing systems and by supporting customers for as long as they use one of our VERA MC Phono Preamplifiers.